About This Site and Our Team

Thanks for stopping by! Jason and Mike welcome you to our small part of the internet. We’re two laminate flooring specialists based in California. Jason sells laminate flooring while Mike installs it. We both have over 20 years experience in the flooring industry.

The more you know about laminate floor quality/pricing and installation/repair costs the easier it is for retailers and contractors to provide you with the products and services you need to get the perfect floor for your home. That’s why we launched www.laminateflooringcosts.com. You decide your budget and we show you what you can get for your money…simple.

Choose from the top laminate flooring brands, pick the right retailer and don’t forget your underlayment. Take a look at our installation cost breakdown and compare costs across the US. Dig deeper into the factors that affect installation costs and then calculate your own estimates. Should you run into any problems after installation then check out our guide to laminate floor repair.

Finally request free quotes from our network of qualified professional installers in your area and compare them against your own estimates before going ahead with your project.